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Particolare Brut

Pinot Bianco, Semillon, Trebbiano

Nose & Palate

It has characteristics that make it “particular” as its own name. The scent opens up with flower hints, with white fruit notes and toasted bread at the end. It is complex to the taste, and it has a remarkable acidity that contrasts with a balanced sugar content. Easy drinking and elegant. Best served at 8 – 10 °C.

Food Pairings

Perfectly paired with fish, chicken and pork. It is excellent as an aperitif.

Fermentation and Ageing

Sparkling wine vinification according to the Charmat method: the sparkling wine vinification process is carried out in an autoclave at a constantly monitored temperature, where the selected yeasts creates an optimal fermentation. Once the fermentation has been completed (approximately 120 days), the product is immediately filtered in order to preserve its natural freshness. The final bottling stage is carried out after the product has been left to age for several weeks in an autoclave. The wine is then left to age in the bottle for an additional period of 4 months.

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